GIA now analyzing fancy-shaped melee

Michelle Graff

The Gemological Institute of America is expanding its now four-year-old Melee Analysis Service to include small fancy-shaped diamonds.

GIA introduced the automated system in 2016 to address then-growing concerns in the industry about lab-grown and treated diamonds being mixed in with natural diamonds in parcels of melee.

When launched, the system was available only for round diamonds, but GIA announced last week it was expanding the service to include fancy-shaped diamonds. 

GIA Melee Analysis Service separates natural diamonds from lab-grown and potentially HPHT-treated natural diamonds along with identifying diamond simulants, i.e., CZ or moissanite.

Screened round melee also can be sorted by color range and size range for an additional fee, though this service is not available for fancy-shaped diamonds.

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Source National Jeweler