Sarine ventures into diamond grading


Sarine Technologies is expanding its signature diamond report to include the 4Cs, which it will determine through its own automated grading tools, the company announced Monday.

The standard Sarine Profile report provides information on a diamond’s light performance and the quality of its hearts-and-arrows pattern, and offers advanced 3D diamond imaging. However, the new one will include the diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight, making the digital service a valid grading report, the Israel-based diamond technology firm explained.

To get that data, the company will grade the diamonds using its Sarine Clarity and Sarine Color machines — which it unveiled last year — as well as its Diamension HD cut-grading device and Sarine Light light-performance tool. The former two can automatically measure a diamond’s clarity and color, a task usually performed by trained gemologists.

With its new offering, Sarine is claiming it can deliver an unmatched quality of diamond grading with less subjectivity and fewer human errors, it said, adding that the move would raise confidence among buyers and industry members.

The days of dry, technical, non-intuitive diamond reports are coming to an end,” said CEO David Block. “Sarine’s new reports can provide consumers with a more reliable and coherent way to buy diamonds and diamond jewelry, and can support the entire diamond pipeline with a new level of accuracy, objectivity and repeatability.”

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Source Rapaport