March 2013 polished diamond market report


After a long period of stunted trading in the polished wholesale sector and low prices, a turnaround was witnessed in March. The much-anticipated Hong Kong International Jewellery Show exceeded expectations, jumpstarting business in the global diamond trading centers. As a result, prices started to rise and manufacturers are increasing their polished diamonds output.

After 11 years of reporting on specific changes in demand for polished diamonds in the main trading centers, this is the last IDEX Online Market Report, at least for now. We want to thank the many traders, manufacturers and wholesalers from all around the globe for their candor, good will and willingness to speak openly with us about their daily business. You graciously helped others gain a better insight on the market and its trends. Thank you.


With the global trading markets focused on the Hong Kong jewelry show, activity in the New York City Market has been subdued. American dealers returning from the show reported that it exceeded their expectations and quite satisfied with the results.

A very significant increase in demand for 30 pointers up to 1 carat is noted in the market across the board. The strong demands for rounds 2.00+ cts in SI and better qualities and 0.90-1.50 cts in G-H colors VS continues.

The Fancy market remains attractive across the board, with a heightened emphasis on princess cuts in contrast to a weaker demand for cushion and oval shapes.


  • 0.05-0.15 cts, D-J / I, slow
  • 0.05-0.15 cts, D-J / SI+, slow
  • 0.10-0.75 cts, G-H / SI, selling
  • 1/5-3/4, D-J / pique, mediocre demand
  • 1/5-3/4, D-J / VS+, slow
  • 0.30-0.70 cts, D-J / SI+, selling
  • 0.90-1.50 cts, G-H / SI, selling
  • 1.00-2.00 cts, D-M / pique, selling
  • 1.00-2.00 cts, F-J / SI+, slow
  • 1.50-3.00 cts, D-M / VS-SI, selling
  • 2.00-4.00 cts D-K / SI+, slow
  • 4.00+ cts D-J/ pique, slow

Fancy Cuts

  • All fancy cuts, 0.10-0.99 cts, D-K / SI+, selling
  • Princess, 0.10-0.40 cts, selling
  • Princess 0.20-1.00+ cts H+ / VS+, selling
  • Princess 0.75-1.00 cts G-H / SI, selling
  • Princess 2.00+ cts, G-H / SI+, selling


After a long quiet period, the Antwerp diamond market picked up after the successful show in Hong Kong, which resulted in a large number of orders. The uplift is also demonstrated by the increase in the number of overseas buyers for rough and polished diamonds.


  • 0.005-0.15 cts, F-J / pique, slow
  • 0.005-0.15 cts, F-J / SI+, selling
  • 1/5, D-J / VS+, mediocre demand
  • 0.25-0.90 cts, white / pique, mediocre demand
  • 0.25-0.90 cts, F-K / SI+, good makes, selling
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, white / pique, including goods for treatment, mediocre demand
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, F-J / SI1+, good makes, mediocre demand
  • 1.00+ cts, Fancy colors, mediocre demand
  • 1.00-5.00 cts, D/ IF, slow
  • 4.00+ cts, G-J / VS-SI, slow, demands limited to reasonably priced goods
  • 4.00+ cts, G-J / VVS, slow unless prices are very attractive

Fancy Cuts

  • Princesses, Ovals, Hearts, Pears and Emeralds, 1.00-3.00 cts, G-K / SI+, selling
  • Marquises, Radiants, and Cushions, 1.00-3.00 cts, G-K / SI+, mediocre demand
  • Tapers and Baguettes, 1/10-1/6, D-I / SI+, mediocre demand


The Indian diamond market is showing considerable pick up in demand levels. Manufacturers have slowed down their output and a shortage of goods led to an increase in prices ahead of an expected rise in demand.

Traders returning from Honk Kong reported good business, though buyers said they had to pay “full price” to get the goods they were interested in.


  • 0.005-0.15 cts, F-J / SI+, selling
  • 1/5, H-J / VS, mediocre demand
  • 1/4-3/8, white / pique, selling
  • 1/4-3/4, D-J / SI+, good makes, mediocre demand
  • 1/2-3/4, white / pique, including goods for treatment, selling
  • 0.80-1.99 cts, F-M / VVS to SI, selling
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, D-K / SI to pique, selling
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, H-K / SI1+, good makes, selling
  • 4.00+ cts, H-M / VS-SI, selling
  • 4.00+ cts, H-M / VVS, selling

Fancy Cuts

  • Emeralds and Stabbes (wide baguettes), 0.25-1.00 cts, D-J / VS+, selling
  • Marquises, Ovals and Asschers, 0.25-3.00 cts, F-J / VS+, selling
  • Princesses, Pears, Hearts and Emeralds, 1.00-10.00 cts, I-L / VS, selling

Ramat Gan

The Israeli diamond market also enjoyed from good business at the Hong Kong show, rekindling local and international trade. Price increases are reported in the market and manufacturers feel greater confidence in polishing although they still state that the difference in the prices of polished and rough diamonds is still too close.


  • 0.005-0.15 cts, D-J / pique, mediocre demand
  • 0.005-0.15 cts, D-J / VS+, slow
  • 1/5, G-K / SI+, mediocre demand
  • 0.25-0.90 cts, white / pique, selling
  • 0.25-0.90 cts, D-K / SI+, good makes, mediocre demand
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, white / pique, including goods for treatment, selling
  • 1.00-3.00 cts, G-K / SI+, good makes, selling
  • 1.00-5.00+ cts, D / IF, slow
  • 4.00 cts, G-L / VS-SI, selling
  • 4.00 cts, H-M / VVS, slow

Fancy Cuts

  • Princesses, Pears, Emeralds and Hearts 1.00-3.00 cts, G-L / SI+, selling
  • Princesses and Ovals, 0.50-3.00 cts, F-K / SI, selling
  • Marquises, Cushions and Asschers 1.00-10.00 cts, G-J / SI+, mediocre demand
  • All fancy cuts, 1.00-5.00 cts, fancy colors, slow

Hong Kong

Once again all eyes in the trading centers were on the March Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, historically an important and strong trade fair. This year, in light of the general weakness felt in the market, a successful show was especially important for traders. The show did not let them down, boosting trade levels and prices of loose diamonds in the wholesale market.

Strong demand at the show was reported for VS-SI goods up to 10 carats, especially for items up to 1.50 carats. Traders reported a shortage in Triple Excellent items that led buyers to compromise and settle for Very Good makes.


  •   0.005-0.15 cts, white / SI2 to pique, selling
  •    0.005-0.15 cts, D-J / SI1+, good makes, mediocre demand
  •    1/5, G-J / VS+, mediocre demand
  •    0.25-0.90 cts, white / pique, selling
  •   0.25-0.90 cts, H-J / SI+, selling
  •   1.00-10.00 cts, D-J / pique, slow
  •   1.00-5.00 cts, D / IF, slow
  •    1.00-3.00 cts, H-M / VVS-SI, selling
  •   4.00 cts, H-L / SI+, selling
  •   5.00-10.00+ cts, H-L / VS-SI, selling
  •   5.00-10.00+ cts, H-M / VVS, slow

Fancy Cuts

  •    Princesses and Emeralds, 1/10-1/3, H-K / SI+, mediocre demand
  •   Princesses, Pears and Emeralds, 1.00-4.00 cts, H-K / SI+, selling
  •    Marquises, Ovals and Hearts, 1.00-5.00 cts, H-K / SI+, mediocre demand
  •   Tapers and Baguettes, 1/10-1/2, H-J / VS+, selling

Natalie J. Raps, Vicky Sharma et Edahn Golan

Source Idexonline