Forevermark sales spike during Holiday season


De Beers saw a large jump in sales of Forevermark diamonds this holiday as the miner ramped up marketing of its retail brand. 
Jewelers sold 38% more Forevermark stones during the 2017 season versus last year, with sales for the whole year rising 25%, De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver said in a speech to the brand’s stockists last week.

The Forevermark Tribute campaign, which targeted female self-purchasers, launched in November, resulting in a billion media impressions, while an advertising campaign drove a significant jump in internet searches for Forevermark and visits to the brand’s website. More than 60% of jewelers that carry Forevermark diamonds reported that consumers entered their store asking for the brand, and almost two thirds said the Tribute campaign had helped their business, Cleaver noted.

All in all, 2017 represented a year of strong progress for diamonds and Forevermark,” Cleaver said in his speech in New York. “We are putting the building blocks in place to ensure that the diamond message resonates as strongly as possible with the evolving US consumer, as we approach a year that is ripe with potential for those that position themselves effectively to realize it.”

Source Rapport