Fancy-Color price index climbs in third quarter


Prices of fancy-color diamonds rose 1.1% year on year in the third quarter, rebounding from a long depression caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) said.

This increase was actually expected, as fancy-color prices were too low for too long,” FCRF advisory board member Eden Rachminov said last week.

The index for pinks jumped 1.3% for the same period, while blue fancy-color diamonds were up 1.1% and prices of yellows grew 0.6%.

The strongest increase in the pink segment was in the 1-carat fancy category, which climbed 1.8% from the previous quarter, while 3-carat fancy pinks showed the most significant decrease, down 0.3%.

Meanwhile, the blue category saw both the largest price rise and the heaviest price drop. The index for 8-carat, fancy-vivid blues gained 2% during the period, and 2-carat, fancy-intense blues slipped 1.1%. Yellows got their biggest boost from fancy diamonds between 5 and 10 carats. Fancy vivids weighing 1 carat also contributed to the rise, advancing 1.9%.

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Source Rapaport