DIORAMA, Enchanted Flora and Fauna

Isabelle Hossenlopp

In the magical light of Tuscany, at the heart of the cloister of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella – a Gothic jewel and key icon of the Florentine Renaissance – Victoire de Castellane unveiled the inaugural chapter of her new high jewelry collection, entitled Diorama.

Necklace Diorama & Diorigami, yellow and pink gold, platinum, white and brown diamonds, garnets, emeralds, green and black lacquer. Dior Joaillerie.

A lush rose garden scented with orange trees provided the setting for the presentation of these jewels, celebrating the multi-faceted beauty of nature that Monsieur Dior held so dear. For the first time, the Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie has revisited Toile de Jouy, the Maison‘s iconic signature since 1947.

Necklace Diorama & Diorigami , yelllow and pink gold, diamonds, sapphires, mother_of-pearl, turquoise, blue and black lacquer. Dior Joaillerie.

Christian Dior loved it, going so far as to line the walls of his boutique on Avenue Montaigne with the fabric, full of a thousand details that provided Victoire de Castellane with a rich source of inspiration.

Necklace Diorama & Diorigami, yellow and white gold, diamonds, emeralds, yellow sapphires, garnets, white cultured pearls and chrysoprase. Dior Joaillerie.

Toile de Jouy features endless bucolic landscapes and scenes of country life, and Victoire has put her own spin on it, enhancing the cloth with magical flora and fauna throughout her collection’s 172 pieces. Owls, deer and squirrels – occasionally found hiding behind bushes – inhabit a fabulous forest where the figurative art of Dior high jewelry unfolds in infinite detail across wonderfully vivid tableaux, outlined by brightly colored precious stones.

On the left hand, ring Tie & Dior, gold, platinum, diamonds, precious and fine stones, cultured pearls . Dior Joaillerie.

It is a dreamlike anthology further enhanced by the Dior silhouettes of Maria Grazia Chiuri, who designed outfits for the high jewelry fashion show. Featuring neo-sixties Capri trousers, irresistible Bar corsets, sumptuous woven jacquards, iridescent failles and skirts in shimmering hues, the collection offers a fascinating dialogue that translates this imaginary journey from Paris to Florence, offering a virtuoso symbiosis of dreams, the arts and Dior’s supreme excellence.

A flood of light and color, this dazzling fashion show took place in the cloister of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, a masterpiece of Florentine architecture.

Necklace Diorama & Diorigami, pink gold, white and brown diamonds, pink sapphires, rubellites and cultured pearls. Dior Joaillerie.