Dior, Cartier, Pomellato, Chanel: Haute Joaillerie on show!

Marianne Riou

To coincide with the launch of Fashion Week and the new collections of Parisian haute couture at the start of July, the high end jewelry houses also brought out new pieces and staged events. The beauty and creativity of the pieces for summer 2018 just keep impressing us. Look at the pictures.

Haute couture, lace, ballroom and garden… So “Dior, Dior, Dior”!

Granted, it was a bit short to rush there: from July 6 to 8, at Paris Museum of Modern Art, the House of Dior exhibited its high end jewelry creations, including exclusive pieces (more than 200 high end jewelry and watch-making creations). A retrospective that mixed haute couture, the ballroom and the garden, all of which are amongst the most inspiring themes that may exist for a fashion house… It was also an opportunity to discover Dior, Dior, Dior, the new high end jewelry collection from the House and admire the pieces that truly represent the style of Victoire de Castellane, a star artistic director and figurehead (which is rare in high end jewelry). For the 20 years at the head of jewelry at Dior, the designer is stepping off the beaten track and the codes of fine jewelry—which surely explains her success! —with irreverence and in control, an extensive mixture of unexpected colors and what is often a “baroque” inspiration.  (Home picture of this article is « Dentelle guipure » ring, 8.62 ct.)



From July 2017 to January 2018, Dior had already made an appointment with its admirers at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, to look back over the 70 years of the brand’s history (Christian Dior, couturier du rêve).

As a reminder, here are some shots of this magnificent Archi Dior collection from the imagination of Victoire de Castellane.

Archi Dior imaginée par Victoire de Castellane.

Cuff Dior


Coloratura from Cartier, July 15 to 21, rue de la Paix, Paris

Another short exhibition, but you had seven days to see the Cartier boutique transformed into a pop-up exhibition hall and admire Coloratura”, the new fine jewelry collection, and the flagship pieces from “the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers (in the words of Edward VII of England). The exhibition follows three themes—fauna and flora, influences from around the world and colored gemstones—and will also offer workshops and round-tables about the House’s expertise.

coloartura-cartier-haute-joaillerie-ete-2018-3 coloartura-cartier-haute-joaillerie-ete-2018-2 coloartura-cartier-haute-joaillerie-ete-2018-1

Nuvola: white diamonds and Fairmined pink gold at Pomellato

“Clouds” of diamonds is the new jewelry collection from the Milanese House. In detail, an imposing brilliant cut diamond and diamond paving, “laid” on an asymmetrical Fairmined pink gold ring that is true to the jeweler’s curved creations. All hand-cut in Italy, by the craftsmen of the House. White is rarely the star at Pomellato, which is famous for its Nudo ring, amongst others, a ‘nude’ stone and explosions of color. Now it has been done, thanks to the sparkle of the diamond! A “fashion” collection, which is on trend, and designed to be “ready-to-wear”.


Coromandel screens inspire Chanel…

And its new jewelry collection! It is Gabrielle Chanel’s passion for the Coromandel lacquer screens (pieces of art exported from China since the 17th century, with a specific type of lacquer on wood) that served as the premise for the “Coromandel” collection. Patterns, colors (white, green, blue and garnet), dreamlike landscapes and ancestral techniques have made it possible to create 60 creations around four chapters: East/West, Fauna, Flora and Mineral. The virtuosity and the poetry of the pieces are breathtaking!

chanel-necklace-coromandel-haute-joaillerie-ete-2018-coromandel chanel-coromandel-haute-joaillerie-ete-2018-2

This choice may not be exhaustive and other Houses are worthy of our attention, but that would be too much for one article! We look forward to seeing you again soon to admire more wonders from the world of high end jewelry.

Source Rubel & Ménasché