Diamond producers, trade leaders to meet in Dubai

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE)

Press release – The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC)platform, announced that leading mining executives will be presenting at the second Dubai Diamond Conference. Set to be the most significant diamond event of the year, the conference will take place on April 21 and 22  at Almas Tower, the Middle East’s tallest commercial tower and home to the DDE.

The conference will host Paul Rowley, the executive vice president of De Beers Group sightholder sales; Andrey Polyakov, the vice president of ALROSA, and Carlos Sumbula, the president of Endiama to discuss the “New Silk Route,” and share their insights on the trading shift from the west to Africa and Asia.

The three companies combined represent more than two-thirds of the world’s rough diamond output. ALROSA leads the world’s diamond mining by volume, De Beers by turnover and Endiama’s diamond deposits are among the most promising for future kimberlite discoveries.

Rowley said, “The outlook for the diamond industry is bright, but this opportunity will only be fully realized if investments are made across the value chain. The Dubai Diamond Conference provides an ideal opportunity for industry stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities across the diamond pipeline.”

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DMCC – Made For Trade

DMCC is dedicated to enhancing Dubai’s position as the global gateway for commodity trade. The most successful markets create conditions that enable producers, traders and consumers to thrive. DMCC is a Dubai government authority committed to developing these ideal conditions for trade and enterprise. DMCC has a strong track record in commodity trade facilitation and we encourage and support business through the platforms we provide. These include our Free Zone, commodity exchanges, legal and regulatory frameworks and our strong real estate offering. As part of our DMCC Free Zone expansion strategy to provide large corporates with a commercial property offering unique to the Dubai marketplace – DMCC is developing the Burj 2020 District with the world’s tallest commercial tower, the Burj 2020, as its centerpiece.

Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) is a DMCC platform and a leading diamond center based in Almas Tower. From buyers to sellers to service providers — everything the industry require in terms of infrastructure and a marketplace is available under one roof in a secure environment at Almas Tower including: DDE, vaulting, boiling, polishing, certification, transport and logistics services and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Source Rapaport