De Beers rough diamond sales for Cycle 3, 2016

De Beers

Press release – The De Beers Group of Companies today announced the value of rough diamond sales (Global Sightholder Sales and Auction Sales) for the third sales cycle of 2016.

Cycle 2 2016 (provisional)1

Cycle 2 2016 (actual)2

Sales value ($m)[3]



Notes to this table are shown at the bottom of this page.

Continued stability in polished diamond prices and sales of polished diamonds at the wholesale level supported a reasonably positive environment for rough diamond demand for the third consecutive sales cycle.

Philippe Mellier, Chief Executive, De Beers Group, said: “So far, 2016 has seen significantly stronger rogh diamond demand than that experienced at the edn of 2015 as the actions taken by the industry conti ue ti have a positive effect.

However we are moving into a part of the year where rough diamond demand has historically been lower as a result of seasonality, so we continue to adopt a prudent mindset.”

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1 Cycle 3 2016 provisional sales value represents sales as at 11 April 2016.

2 Cycle 2 2016 actual sales value is restated following the earlier publication of a provisional figure for the second sales cycle of 2016.

3 Sales value is quoted in terms of sales by De Beers Global Sightholder Sales and De Beers Auction Sales, and reported on a consolidated accounting basis. Auction Sales included in a given cycle are the sum of all sales between the end of the preceding cycle and the end of the noted cycle.

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