ALROSA to increase spending on preventing the COVID-19 spread to $4.2 mln


Press release – ALROSA increases its spending on fighting the spread of COVID-19. As of April 14, the respective budget stood at around $4.2 million (RUB 308 million), with procurement already in progress for about 80 percent of the total.

The Group continues to purchase sanitizers, medical equipment, medicines and personal protective gear for regional healthcare institutions, corporate healthcare facilities, operating sites and subsidiaries in Yakutia, Arkhangelsk region and Moscow.

Yakutian districts (Mirny and Lensky) will receive RUB 25 million to supply medicines and protective gear for local hospitals. Ministry of Health of Yakutia will receive 28,800 COVID-19 test kits for RUB 23 million.

ALROSA Medical Center will get six mobile labs to run express testing for COVID-19 and other equipment for its first-aid posts, as well as 17 thermal imaging cameras for the Company’s production and administrative sites.

The Company provides its personnel, including healthcare workers, with facemasks, disposable gloves, respirators, protective costumes etc. More than 9,500 disinfectant units, 172 non-contact thermometers, more than 2,000 protective costumes, 43,000 pairs of gloves and 2.3 mln facemasks and respirators are in course of procurement and shipment.