ALROSA September sales of rough and polished diamonds reached $258.7 million


Press release – ALROSA Group announces diamond sales results for September and nine months of 2019.

In September, ALROSA Group sold $258.7 million worth of rough and polished diamonds. Rough diamond sales by value amounted to $256.5 million, polished diamond sales―$2.2 million.

ALROSA’s total rough and polished diamond sales in January-September 2019 amounted to $2,422.2 million. During the nine months of 2019, rough diamonds were sold for $2,385.4 million, polished diamonds―for $36.8 million.

September sales were higher than sales in the three previous months. It is partly due to the traditional autumn market revival after the holiday period and a slight increase in demand from Indian cutters and polishers ahead of the Diwali festival. The most noticeably increased sales of small-size rough diamonds. In addition, some sales from the August session, which started later than usual, moved to September. The market is still facing low demand for rough diamonds, though there has been a gradual recovery for some categories of diamonds. We still believe that it will take some time to get a balance between supply and demand,” commented on September sales ALROSA Deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev.

ALROSA Group rough and polished diamond sales in January-September 2019

  Rough diamonds and grinding powders, $ mln Polished diamonds, $ mln Total rough and polished diamonds, $ mln
January 278.2 3.4 281.6
February 340.6 5.0 345.6
March 369.2 8.0 377.1
April 315.8 2.9 318.7
May 261.1 5.0 266.0
June 219.3 3.1 222.4
July 164.6 5.9 170.5
August 180.2 1.5 181.8
September 256.5 2.2 258.7