Alrosa prunes client list for 2022


Alrosa has trimmed its roster of long-term clients for the miner’s new contract period, which will go into effect on January 1.

The company has selected 51 companies as members of its Alrosa Alliance, a group of vetted customers, it said Friday [December 3]. Of these, 49 are full clients entitled to buy gem-quality rough on a recurring basis, while two are candidates for future long-term contracts. The period runs for three years through 2024.

In the previous cycle, which had been in place since 2018, Alrosa had 59 long-term customers, of which 53 were full clients and six were candidates, according to a list on its website. The Russian miner had planned to introduce a new contract this year, but delayed this because of Covid-19.

The company will also sell industrial diamonds to 10 companies, it said. Previously, nine businesses were long-term industrial customers, while an additional two were candidates for future supply.

The contract also sees Alrosa offer more specific selection of rough to three types of customers: manufacturers, dealers and retailers. This will help the miner meet companies’ demand more precisely, using a system similar to the one De Beers adopted earlier this year.

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Source Rapaport