ALROSA develops expanded environmental program for 2019


Press release – ALROSA experts completed forming the list of environment protection activities for 2019.The main features of the program – protection of atmospheric air and water resources, waste disposal, land protection and rehabilitation – were expanded and supplemented with new directions to ensure environmental protection and ecological safety.

In particular, the Company plans to expand monitoring in order to form qualitative and comprehensive assessment of negative impact on natural objects to make timely management decisions. Additional items are also aimed at protecting the environment from noise, vibration and other types of physical effects and at ensuring radiation safety of the environment.

Taking into account changes in the legislation, ALROSA has updated and supplemented one of its key areas related to environmental protection, i.e. protection of atmospheric air and prevention of climate change. The plan now includes items aimed at taking inventory for environmental safety in terms of impact on atmospheric air and monitoring sanitary and hygienic indicators at the border of sanitary protection zones of the Company’s production sites. The plan also covers the arrangements for the transfer of production facilities to alternative fuels.

Measures for the protection of water bodies are divided into two directions: collection and treatment of wastewater and the protection of surface and groundwater block. Starting next year, the production control program will include wastewater quality research at all production sites connected to centralized sewage networks.

In terms of waste management, ALROSA plans to centralize the conclusion of contracts for the disposal and detoxification of hazardous waste, which will result in a uniform approach to safe handling of waste. The Company will continue to increase the involvement of waste in secondary energy resources. This will give not only environmental, but also economic effect.

The Company’s management made a decision to control safe approaches for the environment at the design stage, and environmental experts give their assessment of design decisions.

The Company also plans to expand the area of its responsibility in social and environmental areas:

• An Agreement with the Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the National Fund Bargaryy (Revival) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was initiated to assist in carrying out activities in the Republic, in order to popularize the Yakut culture and language, improve environmental education and information that effectively ensure the formation of environmental culture.

• It is planned to conclude an Agreement with the Directorate of Biological Resources and Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in order to assist and continue the protection of the Taimyr reindeer.

It is planned to continue the support of the unique Living Diamonds of Yakutia Natural Park.

The list of fish species for stocking the Yakut rivers will be expanded.The Company conducts negotiations with the Administration of the Federal Agency for Fishery to expand sections of the Vilyui River intended for stocking.

Ensuring the implementation of a number of compensatory measures for the Company is a voluntary contribution to the development of the Northern region: Ethnological Agreement on Compensation for Losses to Oleneksky Ulus, recreational payments.

Activities related to the information support of civil society on the state of the environment, environmental certification, environmental management and audit are mandatory for the implementation of the chosen strategy aimed at preserving the environment.

The experience of past years has shown that people of the Republic are indifferent to environmental issues, therefore, competitions, special campaigns, excursions and other activities for children and adults have been scheduled for 2019.