A Brooklyn agency has created an ad for jewelers, With Love

Lenore Fedow

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, retailers are faced with a dilemma—how to reach out to customers without sounding tone-deaf to the crisis at hand.

It is possible to keep in touch with customers and still be sensitive to our collective new reality.

Cindy Krupp, founder of public relations and brand strategy firm Krupp Group, shared her tips in a recent interview with National Jeweler, advising retailers to listen to customers and be transparent about the impact of the crisis on the business to avoid sounding out of touch.

In Brooklyn, New York, creative agency and production company 3rd Strand LLC started a video project to lend a hand to independent jewelers in North America looking to connect with customers.

The company’s “With Love” video is designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions, highlighting jewelry’s role in life’s special moments and the emotional bonds between loved ones.

When life seems fragile, remember those bonds that are unbreakable,” reads the quotation in the opening scene.
3rd Strand’s client list includes brands such as Forevermark and Baume & Mercier as well as independent jewelers London Jewelers and Lux Bond & Green.

We have always thought it is important for jewelers to lead the conversation with values more than product or pricing. It’s the perfect moment for a values-based approach,” Alex Kosene, creative director at 3rd Strand, explained in an email to National Jeweler.

The “With Love” campaign digital pack, which features three assets that can be tagged with any store’s logo, is available for $375 and runs through September.

The pack includes a vertical version of the video to use on Instagram Stories, a square version to use on Instagram and Facebook, and a widescreen version that can be used on a store’s website or Facebook page.

All versions can be used for digital pre-roll placement.

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