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Earlier this month at an event in Las Vegas, the Diamond Producers Association revealed the slogan that will be at the core of a new millennial- and U.S.-focused generic diamond advertising campaign: “Real is rare. Real is a diamond.”

The DPA developed the new slogan over the past several months, working alongside advertising agency Mother New York to survey a “representative sample” of Generation Y consumers in three U.S. cities: Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. (The DPA is not releasing the exact number of millennials included in the research.)

After the shows, National Jeweler caught up with De Beers executive and DPA Chairman Stephen Lussier to talk more extensively about how the DPA arrived at “Real is Rare,” the U.S. presidential election, income inequality and how “A Diamond is Forever” fits in now.

National Jeweler: What about “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” do you think will connect with millennials?

Stephen Lussier: I think the two biggest insights from our research is one, this concept of what are relationships in this new era of a huge number of contacts?

This is a generation who, every day, have more interactions with more people than the generation before them would have even dreamed about. While they have a huge volume of contacts, they still sort of recognize that, ‘well, that’s not really enough.’ That, unlike [past] generations, they haven’t had the same depth of relationships. It’s a human need and they’re longing for it.

Part of the real core insight is, how do you recognize that feeling that they have and make sure your product is positioned for it? If you can attach your product to their basic need, it’s a very powerful place to be.

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