2023, an exceptional vintage for the jewelry sector


After a record-breaking 2022, the jewelry sector’s meteoric rise is not over yet. Published this week by Francéclat, the official figures for 2023 are clear cut. With cumulative sales of €5.387 billion, French jewelry production is up 17% on 2022, increase of €750 million! This growth is also reflected in the number of people employed in workshops, up by 7% to a total of 11,793.

These excellent results have shored up the positive momentum achieved since 2015, when the industry saw a 3-fold increase in French production. It is also worth noting that this growth has impacted all the sector’s activities, with precious jewelry up 17%, gemstones and pearls up 17%, costume jewelry up 16% and precious gold jewelry up 3%.

You can see the full data here.