About us

Rubel & Ménasché, in a few words

The direction taken by Rubel & Ménasché for more than 60 years has been guided by a passion for diamonds and a love of good service. From its creation through the merger of the two diamond companies Rubel and Ménasché, up to the partnership with Antwerp based Dali Diamond, our company has always striven to offer high-end small goods of exceptional quality.

Today, through our great expertise based on a long experience and knowledge of the diamond industry, Rubel & Ménasché has become an international scale diamond house.

Who are our customers? The biggest global High-End Jewelry and Watchmaking houses.

What is our aim? Developing long-term projects, hand-in-hand with our customers.

With over 60 years of experience and history, R&M is a diamantaire that stands out because of our solid base and great stability. We have long running relationships with customers and suppliers:

  • R&M’s major partner is Dali Diamond, a De Beers Sightholder and Long-term Client of Alrosa.
  • R&M has developed a privileged relationship with the High-End Jewelry and Watchmaking houses which it has been providing for sixty years.
  • R&M is the only international scale diamond company installed at the heart of Paris, just a few steps from the famous Place Vendôme.

The financial solidity of R&M allows us to invest in large scale, long-term projects.

R&M has a very large inventory that is renewed and served by a bespoke IT tool, developed in-house, by our computer engineers.

Major delivery capacities, expertise in the choice of diamonds and innovative production procedures in order management allow us to offer our customer perfect gems in record times.

Many years of research have enabled R&M to align our processes and expertise with industry constraints.

Rubel & Ménasché, is a team of forty experts that brings together:

  • sorters who all hold qualifications from G.I.A. or H.R.D.
  • baggers who have all been trained in the requirements of the biggest houses
  • experienced cutters including one with the title of “Best craftsperson in France”