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Ethics is also about sharing

Dear readers, Ethics and responsibility are about more than just carbon footprints and traceability. The De Beers Group has always kept a close eye on the human side of the equation. Profit-sharing, redistribution and paying attention to local populations and the environment are all essential pieces of the puzzle. In Botswana, the mining group’s initiatives […]

Calmer waters on the horizon?

Dear Readers, Are diamond prices about to stabilize? The first signs of a soft landing should see the market return to calmer, more stable waters. The halt in diamond imports from India should help, as will market momentum in the run-up to the festive season as intermediaries clear their inventories. Reduced circulation of Russian diamonds […]

New Natural Diamond Perspectives

Dear readers, In this latest newsletter, we begin by telling you all about the initiatives underway in the diamond sector. Following the departure of Stephen Lussier, David Prager has become the new Chairman of the Natural Diamond Council. Prager is convinced of the need for transparent communication and information, and he intends to continue the […]

The Diamond Market : Between Transformation and Resilience

Dear readers, In this new issue, we’re inviting you to dig into Rubel & Ménasché’s recently published 2023 CSR Report. Responsibility and transparency remain the watchwords of the solid strategy to which Rubel & Ménasché, its teams and its external partners have committed.

Natural Diamond Council Busts Industry Myths with Facts

Recent years have seen the advent of lab-grown diamonds, previously confined to industrial use, on the jewelry market. The arrival of this new product category, wrongly equated with natural diamonds, has brought with it its share of preconceived ideas, myths and unfounded claims. The NDC (Natural Diamond Council) has decided to shed light on these […]

Focus on rough diamond procurement

Dear readers, This week we return to the issue of rough diamonds and their impact on the entire market. The relationship between supply and demand in the diamond industry is always a matter of considerable speculation; both the position and choices of the main mining companies are key for this sector where having access to […]