Let’s cooperate to win

Marianne Riou

Dear readers,

At Rubel & Ménasché, cooperation is particularly dear to our hearts. Cooperating and working hand in hand with our partners, clients, suppliers and all the stakeholders of the diamond industry.    

Obviously, this means relying on others. Trusting in them and having shared values and common objectives. This implies – and ensures! – that we can better understand the needs, limits, constraints and challenges of our partners in a very concrete way. If we are to move forward together, we have to sit around a table and discuss, share the burden of breaking down walls and brainstorm together to find solutions.

This is also the only way to face problems and find a way out of a crisis such as the global one we now find ourselves in, which is affecting our industry. This is part of the theory explored in the article Russian Diamonds: the prisoner’s dilemma’, published by Idexonline and which we have reposted on our site.

Let’s cooperate to find a way out, let’s cooperate to win. The only solution is to stand together and deal with all these Russian supply problems together. These issues include traceability and the origin of the diamonds. How can we guarantee that ‘clean’ origin which is indeed the only ‘guarantee’ of a sustainable future for our industry? By being transparent, by trusting, by supporting our partners and cooperating…

And so that we remember that a war doesn’t only happen to others, that we are all concerned by such challenges, I would like to add a small personal testimony. I live in Normandy, 20 minutes from the D-Day beaches, in a town that was 80% destroyed by the Allied bombing in June 1944. This is a concrete and daily reality for all the inhabitants of the region. We still consciously live with the stigma of the Second World War. We see it on our beaches, in our houses. And without cooperation, we could never have won…

But life goes on. Always.

And because it is always good to ‘gorge ourselves’ on beauty and gift the most beautiful things to those we love, let’s take a moment to dive into the fine jewelry collections and admire the finest pieces of jewelry studded with diamonds!

Happy reading and enjoy your week

Source Rubel & Ménasché