Service R & M

Since its creation, Rubel & Ménasché has succeeded in transforming a simple “trading” business into a true service company, dedicated to meeting the needs of each of our customers.

At R&M we understand, interpret and meet the needs of all our customers, whatever they may be, through a permanent dialog and a constant attentiveness.

R&M’s objective is to work closely with our customers to build long-term partnerships and projects.

Our perfect knowledge of our customer’s needs allows our team to quickly and accurately meet them.

We ensure reliable quality and timely delivery.

There is only one credo for General Manager Stephan Wolzok: Over and above selling diamonds, we sell a service, our expertise. We are ready to offer bespoke solutions and alternatives. The aim of all our innovations is to provide a genuine added value to our customers. We try to anticipate their desires and their needs.

The diamonds sold by R&M are of the best quality, so the services must also be of the same level.

The R&M team has amassed its knowledge over time. Today, our diamond experts support and advise the biggest houses, always fulfilling their desires. We also offer training on diamonds and the diamond industry based on our extensive experience of Fine jewelry.

Responsiveness is a vocation for R&M.

We are aware of our customers’ requirements and the flow constraints and, due to our perfect knowledge of the requirements of fine jewelry and watchmaking, we are committed to meeting their needs as quickly as possible.

The size of R&M’s inventory is a deliberate choice and a guarantee for our customers.

At R&M, excellence of service and cutting is the rule: you will get the quality that you order. Our experience and expertise in gemology is proven by the diamonds we select. The team masters every polishing technique and is highly consistent in its choices.

Over the sixty years of our existence, R&M has acquired an unrivaled experience in fine jewelry. As an expert in the domain, R&M knows the techniques, the forms, and the most beautiful sizes and proportions that are unique to Fine jewelry.

The R&M polishing team have also developed several unique cuts, with different dimensions from those on the market and which require peerless expertise. Two cuts have recently been designed at R&M and we are registering the labels in the name of the renowned houses.

Prix, produits, cours du brut et du taillé, tailles prisées ou non, l’équipe puise aussi son savoir-faire dans sa grande connaissance du marché du diamant et de l’industrie diamantaire. Une compétence incontournable et inédite en France !

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Innovating to improve service

From 1990, R&M began a new means of stocking that is more practical than the traditional ‘parcels’.

This led us to create ‘kit’ bagging, which has since been adopted by the whole profession. This is packaging, according to current categorization, of all the diamonds selected to be set in a piece of jewelry. The aim is to save time for the setter who receives a bespoke kit including all the precious stones, listed and sorted, intended for their piece of jewelry.

R&M was also one of the first diamond experts to offer a classification of all the diamonds, even those of less than 1 millimeter in diameter, thus allowing jewelers to be sure of what they were buying and to pay the right price.