Service R & M

We supply diamonds with perfect symmetry and shape, complying with ‘ideal’ proportions.

Our diamonds are sorted individually according to strict criteria:

  • Color : D to G
  • Clarity : IF to VS1
  • Fluorescence : None to Medium
  • Cut : Excellent to Very Good
  • Polish : Excellent to Very Good
  • Symmetry : Excellent to Very Good
  • Calibration : To half sieve


We are a specialist in round brilliants from 1,600 diamonds/carat (0.5 mm) to 3 diamonds/carat (4.3 mm).

We also carry a large inventory of fancy cuts and certified stones:

  •  ‘Brilliant cut’ from 0.02 ct to 0.90 ct : pear, navette, oval, princess, trillion, troïdia, cushion, heart, radiant
  • ‘Step cut’ from 0.02 ct to 0.90 ct : emerald, baguette, square, triangle, taper, trapeze
  • GIA certified from 0.30 ct to 5.00 cts


We have an in-house workshop ready to recut and adjust diamonds to dress up your bespoke pieces.


The Rubel & Ménasché commitment

  • Perfectly regular classification, based on our customer’s criteria
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Daily assistance to our customers in their choices
  • State of the art IT department specifically developed to provide in-house tools for production and order management
  • Outsourcing production tool dedicated to customer’s specifications (on request)

But the quality and the authenticity of our diamonds is also a matter of ethics and, at R&M, we believe in ethics