The global diamond mining industry in 2018

| May 21st, 2019

The global diamond mining industry in 2018
"The global diamond mining industry in 2018"

The dynamics of the diamond production in 2014-2018. 

In July this year, the Kimberley Process will release the statistics on the rough diamonds mined and sold by the countries in 2018. Last year, the same 23 countries were in the commercial diamond mining as in the previous years. Without this data at hand, we can estimate rather accurately the actual diamond production as well as the financial results of the global rough diamond trade based on the sum of the major diamond miners’ performance data in 2018.

The dynamics of changes of this performance data is given below

The world’s major diamond mining companies in 2014-2018

R&P_Prod Globale 2014-2018

Brief summary

Simple calculations based on the averaged share of top five diamond mining companies that equals approximately three-quarters of the actual global diamond production in carats and four-fifths of the rough diamond sales value in dollars show the predicted results. So, in 2018, the global diamond production will be 147 mn carats and the rough diamond sales value will make US$15.7 bn. As compared with 2017, in 2018 there was some decline in the rough diamond output: by 2.5% by volume and by 1% by value. This suggests that the world diamond mining industry has reached its peak level.

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